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ECE-2025 Homework

The assignments are posted in Adobe’s PDF format. You may
obtain a free copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader for
free from
. It should work in version 3.0 or later, but it works best with version 4.

Please use a title page for your HW. See the sample here
(Right-click to download this MS-Word document which is in RTF
Special Instructions are noted on each assignment.

HW is due at the BEGINNING of Recitation.


The Final Exam will be in Period #15 at 2:50pm on Friday 04-May-2001.

Assignment Due Date Solutions
HW#1 Week of 15-Jan-01 Solution (PDF file)
HW#2 Week of 22-Jan-01 Solution (PDF file)
HW#3 Week of 29-Jan-01 Solution (PDF file)
HW#4 Week of 5-Feb-01 Solution (PDF file)
HW#5 Week of 12-Feb-01 Solution (PDF file)
HW#6 Week of 19-Feb-01 Solution (PDF file)
HW#7 Week of 26-Feb-01 Solution (PDF file)
HW#8 Week of 19-Mar-01 Solution (PDF file)
HW#9 Week of 26-Mar-01 Solution (PDF file)
HW#10 Week of 2-Apr-01 Solution (PDF file)
HW#11 Week of 9-Apr-01 Solution (PDF file)
HW#12 Week of 16-Apr-01 Solution (PDF file)
HW#13 Week of 23-Apr-01 Solution (PDF file)