ECE-2025 Lectures FALL-00

ECE-2025 Lectures FALL-00

ECE-2025 Lectures (Fall-2000)

Each lecture is posted on this
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Format is 4 slides per page, converted from a PowerPoint presentation.

List of ECE-2025

OBJECTIVES for ALL Lectures (Fall-00)

Lectures (ECE-2025)

Lectures (ECE-2025)

Lectures (EE-2200)

Lectures (EE-2200)

Lectures (EE-2200)

Lecture #




#1 (21-Aug-00)

Intro: Sinusoids

Ch. 2, pp. 9-17

Appendix B


#2 (25-Aug-00)

Phase, Time Shift & Complex Amplitude

Ch. 2, pp. 17-30

Appendix A

ZIP file for Sine Drill:

find cos() formula from a plot.

Version 2.03; updated from DSP First CD.

#3 (28-Aug-00)

Complex Amplitude & Phasor Addition Theorem

Ch. 2, pp. 31-43

Appendix A

ZIP file for Z Drill:

complex number operations.

Version 2.04; updated from DSP First CD.

#4 (1-Sept-00)

Spectrum: Different Freqs

Ch. 3, pp. 48-61


#5 (8-Sept-00)

Harmonics & Time-Varying Frequency

Ch. 3, pp. 57-61 and 66-77


#6 (11-Sept-00)

Fourier Series Analysis

Fourier Series Notes in PDF file

Fourier Series Java Applet

#7 (15-Sept-00)

Sampling & Aliasing

Ch. 4, pp. 83-94


#8 (22-Sept-00)

D-to-A Reconstruction

Ch. 4, pp. 100-111

Consult demos in Chapter 4 of DSP-First CD-ROM

#9 (25-Sept-00)

Intro to FIR Filtering

Ch. 5, pp. 119-131


#10 (29-Sept-00)

Linear & Time-Invariant Systems:
FIR Implementation

Ch. 5, pp. 133-152

MATLAB GUI for Discrete-Time

Convolution which is the same as
FIR Filtering.

(latest ConvDemo ZIP file is here)

#11 (2-Oct-00)

Frequency Response of FIR

Ch. 6, pp. 157-165, 169-176

Use Convolution GUI again.

#12 (6-Oct-00)

Filtering Sinusoids & Continuous-Time Signals

Ch. 6, pp. 188-194, 176-179

MATLAB demo of sinusoid thru a filter

LTIdemo v 1.14: please README.TXT

(latest LTIdemo ZIP file is here)

All the GUIs can be found at: Jordan’s page.

#13 (9-Oct-00)

Z-Transform: H(z) Polynomials

Ch. 7, pp. 203-218


#14 (13-Oct-00)

Frequency Response (FIR) from H(z)

Ch. 7, pp. 220-234

CD-ROM Movies in Ch 7:

3 Domains: time domain,

frequency domain, and z domain

#15 (16-Oct-00)

Recap of FIR Filtering

Ch. 7, all

CD-ROM Movies in Ch 7:

3 Domains: time domain,

frequency domain, and z domain

#16 (27-Oct-00)

Impulses & Continuous-Time Signals

Continuous-Time Systems

Ch. 10, pp. 1000-1020


#17 (30-Oct-00)

Convolution for Continuous-Time

Ch. 10, pp. 1020-1041

Convolution movie (1.6 Mb)
Quicktime Movie with Narration.

Also, MATLAB GUI for Convolution:

cconvdemo ZIP file

#18 (3-Nov-00)

Frequency Response

Ch. 11, pp. 1100-1118


#19 (6-Nov-00)

Fourier Transform Introduction

Ch. 12, pp. 1200-1230


#20 (10-Nov-00)

Fourier Transform Properties:
Convolution Property

Ch. 12, pp. 1230-1241


#21 (13-Nov-00)

Fourier Transform: Amplitude Modulation

Ch. 13 in the Notes


#22 (17-Nov-00)

Sampling Theorem: Bandlimited Signals

Ch. 13 (Notes)


#23 (27-Nov-00)

IIR Filtering: Feedback

H(z) for IIR Filters

Ch. 8, pp. 250-263


#24 (1-Dec-00)

H(z) & Frequency Response of IIR

Three Domains for IIR

Ch. 8, pp. 261-279

Movies: 3 Domains for IIR


#25 (4-Dec-00)

Digital Filtering of Analog Signals

Ch. 13 and Ch. 6 (pp. 184-194)


#26 (8-Dec-00)

Review & Summary

Ch. 1-8 and Notes (Ch. 10-13)

REMINDER: Reviews for Final Exam

on Sunday 10-Dec at 7:00 pm

on Tuesday 12-Dec at 7:00 pm