ECE-2025 Computer Lab Projects

ECE-2025 Computer Lab Projects

ECE-2025 Computer Lab Projects

Each assignment is posted on this
page in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files. You may
obtain a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 4.x) for
free from

Special Instructions are noted on each

List of ECE-2025
Lab Projects

Lab Description

Dates for Lab


Support Material

Lab #1


28-Aug to 31-Aug

Lab-1 FAQ

Getting Started with MATLAB

(1.1 Mb PDF file from Mathworks web site)


Little Bits of MATLAB
(Old MATLAB tutorial)

Another MATLAB Tutorial
(written by Prof. Heck)

Lab #2

Complex Exponentials

5-11 Sept

Lab-2 FAQ

Matrix Multiply review

Lab #3

Harmonic Signals & Musical Notes

12-18 Sept

Lab-3 FAQ

Vectorization Help

Matrix Multiply review

Lab #4

Harmonic Signals & Musical Notes

19-25 Sept

Lab-4 FAQ

coscos.m (test file for
debugging in the warm-up).

Song is “Turkey In The Straw”

Uses two data files in MATLAB binary format:
turkeynotes.mat contains information about key numbers and durations for the entire song.
turkeyshort.mat contains only the first 4 measures (useful for debugging).
Data is stored in a MATLAB structure called theNotes.

Download this archive.
Un-zip to get turkeynotes.mat and turkeyshort.mat

Sheet Music for Turkey in the Straw

How to Plot the Spectrogram as an

M-file to plot the
Get the new spectgr.m also from the
M-files link.

Help on Structures in MATLAB

Lab #5

Images: Sampling & Reconstruction

26-Sept to 2-Oct

Lab-5 FAQ

Barbara Image in a ZIP file

Also as a barbara.mat file

How to print multiple
images on the same page for comparison.

show_img.m is the M-file to display images

It can be found in the DSP-First Toolbox

Also, lenna.mat is in the DSP-First Toolbox.

Lab Quiz #1 at the beginning of lab.

Lab #6

FIR Filtering of Images

3-9 Oct

Lab-6 FAQ

Uses lab6dat.mat which is from the DSP-First CD-ROM.

or in this archive.
Un-zip to get lab6dat.mat

Lab Quiz #2 at the beginning of lab.

Lab #7

Frequency Response: Nulling Filters

10-16 Oct

Lab-7 FAQ

Uses sp7f00.mat which has the
corrupted speech signal.

Un-zip the archive.
to get sp7f00.mat

Lab #8

Octave Decoding with Bandpass Filters

17-30 Oct

Lab-8 FAQ

Uses lab8test.mat which has the
input tones.

Un-zip the archive.
to get lab8test.mat

Lab #9

Three GUIs

31 Oct – 6 Nov

No FAQ available

The GUIs can be downloaded from:
Jordan Rosenthal’s page.

The following links are direct FTPs:

Latest LTIdemo ver1.14 ZIP file

Latest Discrete-time convdemo ver 2.03 ZIP file

Latest Continuous-time cconvdemo ver2.00 ZIP file

Lab Quiz #3 at the beginning of lab.
Lab #10

Numerical Evaluation of Fourier Series

7-13 Nov

Lab-10 FAQ


Lab #11

Design with Fourier Series

Graded out of 150 pts.

14-20 Nov

Lab-11 FAQ not available


Lab #12

AM Communication

28-Nov to 1-Dec

Lab-12 FAQ not available


**NOTE: the FAQs were created from questions and comments on the labs
during the previous semester(s). Thus there might be some differences in
cross-referencing sections of the labs for this semester.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Lab Reports are due at the BEGINNING of Lab.

Labs turned in later on the same day will lose 5 points.