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MATLAB Tutorials




Introduction to Matlab
How to get started with learning Matlab.

The colon operator
Shows how to use the colon to make vectors and uses examples to demonstrate
its use.

Indexing in Arrays
How to make arrays and how to access and change elements in an array.

Images in Matlab
How to create, scale, and process images in Matlab.

What functions do, how to write them, and how to use them.

For Loops
How to write for loops.  How to write a summation using for loops.

Frequency Response – freqz
How to find the magnitude and phase response using freqz
Examples of moving averagers.

How to use the GUI to place/move poles and zeros.  Also displays
frequency response and impulse response.

Sampling Theory and Examples
Explains the basics of sampling rates (fs) and sampling periods
(Ts).  Also explains how to make sinusoids of certain frequencies
and durations.

Setting Paths
How to tell Matlab where to find m-files by setting the path.

How to write, save, and run scripts.

How to define, name, and work with variables in the Matlab workspace.

How to use matrix mathematics to implement efficient and simple Matlab


These tutorials are encoded using RealAudio
Players.  If you don’t have RealAudio
click on this link to download it.  In addition, each tutorial is
encoded for both 28.8kbps modem connections (or higher), and LAN 200kbps