Educational MATLAB GUI Movies for Signal Processing

The materials available here are either movies or tools that can be used to create movies, that demonstrate some of the basic concepts in Signal Processing.

Matlab GUI Movies

MATLAB GUIs that illustrate concepts in Signal Processing were used to create movies that demonstrate specific set of operations. The movies were created using Camtasia, and can be played back using Camtasia Player.

Matlab GUI Movies Instructions:

  • TSC codec must be installed in order to play these AVI movies correctly.

Matlab GUIs with Movie-Tool

A general-purpose Movie-Tool  has been developed which is responsible for MATLAB GUI recording, playback, and tutoring.  It is a software layer independent of any specific GUI, which has the capability of extracting information about user-generated GUI events.  In the movie tool, a movie can be easily created by starting the recording process, running through the desired GUI functionality to generate a script file, and finally saving the script along with any other desired information into a file.

Movie-Tool Instructions:

  • To activate the Movie-Tool, select “Display” from the “Movie Tool” menu.  The user has the option of either recording a movie or loading a file for playback.
  • To record a movie, click on “Rec” button, which will begin recording user GUI activity.  Pressing the “Stop” button stops the recording session and prompts the user to save the data log to a file.
  • To play a movie, click on “Load File” button to select the desired file whose name will appear in blue text on the right side of the Movie-tool.  If no file has been selected, the text will read ‘None-Available’.
    • To play a demo movie, select “DemoX” from the “Movie Tool” menu. The demo movie will automatically load into the Movie-Tool.
    • There are two playback methods:
  1. Click on “Play” button for continuous play – data log will play according to the speed at which the file was recorded.
  2. Click on either “>>” or “<<” button to advance the movie frame by frame.
  • To pause a movie, select “Pause Movie” from the “Movie Tool” menu.  Pausing will save the current state of the GUI and movie.  To un-pause, select again “Pause Movie” from the “Movie Tool” menu.
  • To close the Movie-Tool, select (uncheck) “Display” from the “Movie Tool” menu or click on the “X” button of the Movie-Tool.