Computer Lab Projects

Computer Lab Projects

Computer Lab Projects

Each assignment is posted on this
page in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files. You may
obtain a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 3.x) for
free from

ANNOUNCEMENT: Lab Reports are due at the BEGINNING of Lab.

Labs turned in later on the same day will lose 5 points.

Special Instructions are noted on each

List of EE-2200
Lab Projects

Lab Description

Dates for Lab

Support Material

Lab #1


6 & 8 Apr

Little Bits of MATLAB
(Old MATLAB tutorial)

Another MATLAB Tutorial
(written by Prof. Heck)

Lab #2

Complex Exponentials

(updated 15-Apr 2:22pm)

13 & 15 Apr

Matrix Multiply review

Lab #3

Harmonic Signals & Musical Notes

20 & 22 Apr

Vectorization Help

Matrix Multiply review

Lab #4

Music Synthesis

27 & 29 Apr

mignotes.m (notes for
entire song)

migshort.m (notes for 8
measures–useful for debugging)

930Kbyte WAV-file to play real piano version of “Minuet in G.”

PDF-file of the musical score for “Minuet in G.”

How to Plot the Spectrogram as an

M-file to plot the Spectrogram

Lab #5

Sampling & Reconstruction

4 & 6 May

How to print multiple
images on the same page for comparison.

show_img.m is the M-file to display images

It can be found in the DSP-First Toolbox

Lab #6

FIR FIltering: Images & Audio

11 & 13 May

Uses lab6dat.mat from the DSP-First CD-ROM.

Lab #7

Frequency Response: Bandpass Filters

18 & 20 May

Lab Reports are due at the BEGINNING of Lab !!!

Lab #8

DTMF Decoding with Bandpass Filters

25 & 27 May

M-file for

Skeletons for dtmf M-files

Lab #9

Three Domains & PEZ graphical interface

1 & 3 June

On-Line LAB REPORT during Lab (WebCT)

On-Line Survey before or during Lab (WebCT)