ECE-2025 Computer Lab Projects

ECE-2025 Computer Lab Projects

ECE-2025 Computer Lab Projects

Each assignment is posted on this
page in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files. You may
obtain a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 4.x) for
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Special Instructions are noted on each

List of ECE-2025
Lab Projects

Lab Description

Dates for Lab


Support Material

Lab #1


10-Jan to 20-Jan

Lab-1 FAQ

Getting Started with MATLAB

(1.1 Mb PDF file from Mathworks web site)


Little Bits of MATLAB
(Old MATLAB tutorial)

Another MATLAB Tutorial
(written by Prof. Heck)

Lab #2

Complex Exponentials

24-27 Jan

Lab-2 FAQ

Matrix Multiply review

Lab Quiz #1 at the beginning of lab.

Lab #3

Harmonic Signals & Musical Notes

31Jan – 3Feb

Lab-3 FAQ

Vectorization Help

Matrix Multiply review

Lab #4

Harmonic Signals & Musical Notes

7-10 Feb

Lab-4 FAQ

coscos.m (test file for
debugging in the warm-up).

Uses two data files in MATLAB binary format:
cgardens.mat contains key numbers and duration for the entire song.
cgshort.mat contains only the first 3 measures (useful for debugging).
Data is stored in a MATLAB structure called voices.

Download this archive.
Un-zip to get cgnotes.mat and cgshort.mat

Sheet Music for Country Gardens

To listen to an example of “Country Gardens” go to
where you can find samples in Real Audio format. Search for the song

How to Plot the Spectrogram as an

M-file to plot the
Get the new spectgr.m also from the
M-files link.

Help on Structures in MATLAB

Lab #5

Images: Sampling & Reconstruction

14-17 Feb

Lab-5 FAQ

Barbara Image in a ZIP file

Also as a barbara.mat file

How to print multiple
images on the same page for comparison.

show_img.m is the M-file to display images

It can be found in the DSP-First Toolbox

Also, lenna.mat is in the DSP-First Toolbox.

Lab Quiz #2 at the beginning of lab.

Lab #6

FIR Filtering: Images & Audio

21-24 Feb

Lab-6 FAQ

Uses lab6dat.mat which is from the DSP-First CD-ROM.

or in this archive.
Un-zip to get lab6dat.mat

Lab #7

Frequency Response: Nulling Filters

28 Feb – 2 Mar

Lab-7 FAQ

Uses speech7.mat which has the
corrupted speech signal.

Also contained in this archive.
Un-zip to get speech7.mat

Lab #8

DTMF Decoding with Bandpass Filters

13-16 Mar

Lab-8 FAQ

M-file for

Skeletons for dtmf M-files

Lab #9

Numerical Evaluation of Fourier Series

27-30 Mar

Lab-9 FAQ


Lab #10

Design with Fourier Series

3-6 April

Lab-10 FAQ

Example of Power Supply Signals:

Input and Output signals are shown.

Lab #11

AM Communication System

10-13 April

Lab-11 FAQ

M-file for
(text file)

MAT-file for

“mystery signal” for QAM demodulation.

MAT-file for

two “real signals” for testing.

Both MAT files and anfilt.m are also in

Lab #12

Three Domains & PEZ graphical interface

24-27 April

Lab-12 FAQ

PeZ is in the DSP-First Toolbox

**NOTE: the FAQs were created from questions and comments on the labs
during the previous semester(s). Thus there might be some differences in
cross-referencing sections of the labs for this semester.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Lab Reports are due at the BEGINNING of Lab.

Labs turned in later on the same day will lose 5 points.