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ECE-2025 Lab Assignments

The labs are posted in Adobe’s PDF format. You may
obtain a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader for
free from
. It should work in version 3.0 or later, but it works best with version 4.

Special instructions are noted on each assignment.

In general, Lab reports are due one week after doing the supervised warm-up.

Lab reports are due at the beginning of lab;
Labs turned in later on the same day will lose 5 points.

*** TEMPORARY FIX for old m-files.

Please get the ZIP file that has updates for zvect.m, zcat.m, etc.

Un-zip and put these files at the BEGINNING of your MATLAB path.


NOTE: The FAQs were created from questions and comments on the labs during
the previous semester(s). Thus, there might be some differences in cross-referencing
sections of the labs for this semester.
Description Lab Dates FAQ** Supporting Material & Links
Lab#1 27-31 Aug-01 FAQ

Getting Started with MATLAB
(1.1 Mb PDF file from Mathworks)

Bits of MATLAB
(Old MATLAB tutorial)

Another MATLAB Tutorial
(written by Prof. Heck)
Lab#2 4-10 Sept-01 FAQ
Uses one supporting file called

Download DF_gen.p in binary, or in the archive

Un-zip to get DF_gen.p and then put this file in your current directory.

***11-Sept, DF_gen.p created in MATLAB ver 6 was removed; the version above was created by ver 5.2 of MATLAB.
Lab#3 11-18 Sept-01 No FAQ available
The beatcon.m function is in the DSP-First toolbox.

Lab #4

Music Synthesis
19-25 Sept-01

Lab-4 FAQ

coscos.m (test file for
debugging in the warm-up).

Song is “Fugue #2 for the Well-Tempered Clavier”

Here you can find a MIDI example of the Bach Fugue #2.

Uses two data files in MATLAB binary format:
bach_fugue.mat contains information about key numbers and durations for the entire song.
bach_fugue_short.mat contains only the first 3 measures (useful for debugging).
Data is stored in a MATLAB structure called theVoices.

Download this archive.
Un-zip to get bach_fugue.mat and bach_fugue_short.mat

Sheet Music for Fugue #2 for the Well-Tempered Clavier

How to Plot the Spectrogram as an

M-file to plot the
Make sure that you get the new spectgr.m also from the M-files link.

Help on Structures in MATLAB

Lab #5

Digital Images: A/D and D/A
26-Sept to 2-Oct

Lab-5 FAQ

Uses one image data file in MATLAB binary format:
Download this archive.
Un-zip to get lighthouse.mat Some useful information is available in printing-multiple-images.

Lab #6

FIR Filtering of Digital Images
3-Oct to 9-Oct

Lab-6 FAQ

Download this ZIP file for Con2Dis (v0.97):

CON2DIS illustrates aliasing and reconstruction for sampling.

It has BEEN TESTED on v5.3 and v6 of MATLAB for Windows & Linux.

DCONVDEMO should be on the MATLAB path in the VL-252 Lab

Or, you can get a
ZIP file here

Lab #7

Nulling Filters & Bandpass Filters
10-Oct to 23-Oct

Lab-7 FAQ

The GUIs can be downloaded from:
DLTIDEMO will be needed for this lab.

Lab #8

Everyday Sinusoidal Signals
24-Oct to 30-Oct

Lab-8 FAQ

Download this archive.

Lab #9

Two GUIs
31-Oct to 6-Nov

No FAQ available

The GUIs can be downloaded from:


Continuous-time convolution

Discrete-time convolution (FIR filter implementation)

Lab #10

Numerical Evaluation of Fourier Series
7-Nov to 13-Nov

Lab-10 FAQ

Lab #11

Digital Communication: FSK Signals
14-Nov to 20-Nov

No FAQ available

Download the archive

The hammfilt(N,Wn) function will perform FIR filter design with the Hamming window. Works for both LPF and BPF.

Lab #12

FSK Demodulator & Decoder
26-Nov to 30-Nov

No FAQ available

Download the archive

It contains test files and M-files needed to complete the lab.


FSK Challenge

No FAQ available

Download the archive

It contains the first signal to attack in the decoding.

FSK Challenge #2

No FAQ available

Download the archive

It contains the first signal to attack in the decoding.

Updated Info

for FSK Challenge #3

No FAQ available

Download the archive

It contains the first signal to attack in the decoding.